Your engineering office for energy efficiency and energy management

In addition to major ecological advantages, the energy transition also brings financial benefits. Professional advice and support is essential for this.

Energy management & Energy audit

From setting up a management system according to ISO 50001 or implementing an energy audit according to EN 16247-1; to seminars, advice on subsidies, energy certifications and much more.

Energy consulting B2B

Energy efficiency services as part of:

  • Energetic process optimization
  • Staff training
  • Implementation of renewable energy
  • Coping with the energy transition in your company


Fascination: Energy & Environment

In today’s age, these two generic terms cannot be separated from one another, i.e. clean, efficient and renewable energy must be provided for a healthy climate.

We are committed to actively promoting the energy transition.


The support of companies with energy efficiency services and services in the field of energy management result in sustainable and financially attractive solutions for the customer.

""Energy efficiency in processes is one of the key issues of our time to master the energy transition in Germany and around the world. The more energy-efficient our processes become, the faster their energy requirements can be covered by renewable energies & the more financially attractive the process becomes."
Erkut Akarsu
Freelancer & manager of Akarsu Engineering

Mission, Vision & Method



Our mission is to create financial and ecological advantages through effective support for companies in the field of energy efficiency and energy management.


We pursue the overarching goal of a sustainable world based on renewable energies.

The future of coming generations is in our hands!


Transparency in dealing with our customers is fundamental to our way of working. You have the full overview at all times. Thus, full customer satisfaction can always be expected upon completion of a project.

Your Advisor

It accompanies you:


Erkut Akarsu

Freelance Engineer &

Managing Director of Akarsu Engineering

Certifications & References


Erkut Akarsu, is a Lead Auditor for ISO 50001 and a TÜV certified energy management officer. In addition, he has various certifications in system and software such as for: quality, process optimization, Matlab and much more.


The academic title of engineer was awarded by the Technical University of Cologne. At the same time, Erkut Akarsu is a member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

Project references

Through many years of professional experience, Erkut Akarsu was able to successfully implement several projects regarding increasing energy efficiency in processes and implementation & management of an audit-resistant energy management system. References available on request.

Energy management & Energy audit

We take responsibility for your energy management system.

As an external energy management officer, we can support you in the following areas:

  • Development of an energy management system according to ISO 50001
  • External energy management assignment
  • Templates for standardized documentation
  • Training courses and seminars on the subject of energy management
  • Advice on certifications
  • Advice on funding
  • Representations of energy flows
  • Creation of monitoring dashboards

Energy efficiency services

Energy-efficient processes not only protect the environment, but also your wallet!

Due to the everyday stress in production, you often lose focus on energy efficiency within the processes. Here, competent advice can often reduce up to 30% of the energy costs in a company, most of it with little or no investment.


In a free preliminary talk we can get a rough overview of your processes and show how much potential we see.


Does everything suit you here? Then we come by again personally to take a close look at all the processes and record the corresponding values. We work out the strengths and weaknesses of your processes, look for potential and activation options for this potential and present our results.


If you wish, we can continue to support these projects with you.


Other services in this area are:


  • Seminars for energy-efficient production
  • Advice on the implementation of renewable energies
  • Calculation and simulation of processes

Didn’t find anything suitable?


We are also happy to help you with other engineering questions, be it calculation and simulation for non-energy processes or dashboard creation for other areas. Thanks to our competence with programs such as Matlab/Simulink, Microsoft Excel or Power BI, together we will find the optimal solution for your requirements!

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Erkut Akarsu

Managing Director – Freelance Engineer

Adress: Frankfurter Str. 720-724, 51145 Cologne/Germany


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